Sunday, 1 February 2009

A Week of Small Things : 5

Today I came across a verse in the Old Testament that I don't think I have ever consciously read before:
Zechariah 4:10 (New International Version)
"Who despises the day of small things?"
Well, I must say I felt that was very serendipitous, given my Small Things Week. And indeed, there was nothing to despise in my day of Small Things. We went to church, which we do most weeks. I can say, after many years of being a Christian, that sometimes it all becomes over familiar and too comfortable - just something that we do. But, like most of my small things, when I stop and look once more, with a bit of attention, I am totally overwhelmed by the beauty of what it truly means to be loved by God. No small thing at all.
Later we had a bit of a drive and a muddle around at a local loch. A Small Thing, but oh so glorious.

It was freezing, but it didn't stop playtime.

In fact, one of us paddled so enthusiastically that the wellies and socks got soaked, then somehow got covered in sand, and a remedy had to be found for freezing toes....

Beauty is always in the detail!
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