Saturday, 31 January 2009

A Week of Small Things : 4

Out for a walk on a pretty wild day, head down against the wind, hoping that the rain doesn't suddenly bucket down. Small things, but oh, such good things - stiles for example. Fences seem to say "Keep Out" (even if we do know technically we can walk almost anywhere in Scotland), whereas a stile says "Welcome, come on in, have a wander..." The person who makes a stile seems a very welcoming kind of creature. Thank you very much indeed.

Well, how can you not think these are rather lovely? Small but quite perfectly formed.

Now this drystane dyke is something seen all over the Highlands, but it is really beautiful. Built with great skill, no doubt with quite a few bruised fingers and maybe toes. Very sustainable too, from local material, and then enduring for years and years. And now it is the home of lots of wee tiny beasties and lichens. Can concrete do all that? And be so visually pleasing?

They're just trees. But I love them!

Enjoy the weekend.

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