Sunday, 28 March 2010

Bunny Egg Cosy Tutorial

It's been sunshine and showers around here, so fair-weather gardener that I am, I have been in my studio quite a but during the rainy moments. And it is still quite chilly, so I have been drawn to use cosy fabrics, especially wool felt and felted jumpers. Spring is the perfect time to sort out the scraggy looking woollies that really have had their day. And so chucking them in a  hot wash gives me the pleasure of some splendid felt to play with. More on that in another post! But with the remnants, I came up with these bunny egg cosies that will make splendid Easter presents. And they are so easy and quick, I thought I'd share the pattern.

What you will need:
* The pattern, click on the pattern below and print it off. You may need to resize to the measurements marked on it, sorry I'm not very good at sorting these things out for you!
* Felt, I like to use wool felt as it so nice to sew with, or a bit of a felted jumper
* A scrap of felt for the nose, or embroidery thread
* Buttons or beads (optional) for the nose
* Embroidery thread in various colours to suit the felt
* Oddments of wool for the tail

Cut out the pattern, then pin it onto two layers of felt (I cut two at a time, but if your fabric is very thick you may prefer to do one at a time). Cut out two rabbits. Then decide what you want to do for the face (buttons, beads or embroidery for the eyes, a felt or embroidered nose, embroidered whiskers). You may wish to mark it on with a vanishing fabric marker first. Stitch the face - I used 2 strands of emroidery thread for everything, except the nose, where I found it was easier to use 4 strands). When you are happy with the face, pin the rabbit together carefully, wrong sides together. then sew together using oversewing, blanket or running stitch - it's up to you! Finally, you need to make a wee pompom for the tail.

 The easiest way to do this is to wrap some wool around two fingers (don't do this too tightly!), then slip the wool off carefully and tie a strand around the middle, two or three times, tightly.

Snip all the loops and fluff out the pompom, trimming it into a nice round shape. Sew it firmly onto the back of the rabbit. Fluff up, and taa-daa! One cute rabbit ready to keep your breakfast egg nice and warm, while you are spreading Marmite on your toast soldiers, no doubt!

If you make one, do send me a link to your picture!

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