Sunday, 20 May 2012


One of my children is a big fan of dragons - in fact he frequently dresses like one - is it rude to say he sometimes behaves like one...? He's usually a very sweet pet dragon...he also loves all things that come in eggs. I haven't posted much recently about crafty things but I was delighted to find a dragon pattern here. It was pretty easy to make, and relaxing to sew by hand. I had a wee wooden egg and managed to needle felt a baby dragon to go inside.I haven't done much needle felting before but I was the little chap wasn't too tricky to make. Do you know Rhythm of the Home? It's a great resource for making things for children (and their adults) as well as some interesting articles on their blog. I'm looking out for the summer edition!


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Monday, 14 May 2012

Just a quick update, here is the almost-end of our Eastertide garden, rejigged again for Ascension. It's not the greatest of pictures and I see the kitchen table is covered in lego, but hey, that's the stuff of our lives! The star that T put in the bare branch at the start of Lent 'because God is with us' has hung on, and seems all the more relevant for celebrating the mystery of Ascension - that 'Jesus went away so He could be with us always'

And also a link to a post about Godly Play in L'Arche - not written by me but I am there... Here  is a felted picture made by me and two of our Community core members. We made it as a focal point, as we don't have a lot of GP materials, and it helps to lend a sense of belonging if we sometimes make things together. Additionally it was a very therapeutic and meaningful activity for the three of us. Wet felting is a great way to work out frustrations! Do I have any? Hmm, oh just occasionally!

Friday, 11 May 2012


I love meeting new friends through the blogosphere, especially people who I would never have the chance to meet otherwise, but who share a lot in common with me. I've been very inspired by Storyteller who blogs here and Sheila here. They both blog a lot about Godly Play and very kindly asked me to write something for them about celebrating the season of Easter. It was a good challenge for me to settle and focus in what have been some full days. You can read my thoughts about creating an Eastertide Garden here and also about the Road to Emmaus here. Oddly enough, while my posts were being posted in Finland and Germany I was away from home at a L'Arche meeting, staying at the wonderful Emmaus House in Edinburgh.

I can't resist showing you a few pictures from a visit to friend's farm just down the road from our home. Feeding lambs? Surely one of life's sweetest experiences! Happy reading and happy weekend!