Sunday, 8 February 2009

The More it Snows, Tiddley Pom

The ruler has been back out on the picnic table, the car has been dug out several times, the snowplough keeps passing, the sun comes out, goes in and then it snows - again. Heaps of it, piles of it, masses of the stuff, like giant souffl├ęs everywhere.

We have food, we have wood and the house is made cosy by its' big duvet. We can sit this out if need be. The roads are clear enough (when we can get to them), but it is just a tiny bit worrisome driving under trees that are sagging and breaking with the weight of the white stuff.

Oh, but who cares, it's so unexpected and so wonderful. More please!

And after all, it does give Monsieur Featherglen a chance to dust down his igloo building skills.

We even had our 2nd picnic of the year; hot tea, oatcakes, apples and chocolate, sitting around the construction sight, on comfy mounds of snow, in glorious sunshine - this kind of thing doesn't happen round here too often!

Thank you.

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