Sunday, 14 February 2010

Valentine's Celebrations

A few images from today. The boys made these gorgeous cranberry, oat and white chocolate chip cookies - the recipe is meant to be for Christmas, but the colours are perfect for Valentine's Day. We bundled them up in small parcels for some special people who show the boys a lot of love, and give them their time generously. My husband treated us all to some splendid pancakes for breakfast, and I made him the Hurricane Hat. I didn't manage to get a picture of him wearing it (yet!) but it was my first foray into knitting with double pointed needles. I was really pleased with the whole process and end result. I did loose the needles a few times, but got there in the end! He painted me a beautiful little picture, which I shall photograph in part 2. The paper decorations were very simple, just some origami paper paper glued together, cut into hearts and sewn in strands to hang down. I love how they twist around in the warmth of the kitchen. It's going to be a festive week. We have a birthday coming up soon..shhh...lots of secrets....
Much love to you!
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Saturday, 6 February 2010

His and Hers

We've been busy in the new studio. I've been working on some pieces of tartan and tweed patchwork (all leftover pieces from kilt makers and dressmakers) which I'm going to use to cover an old but very comfy chair. It was coming along very well, but I've got sidelined by a frenzy of knitting. I'm easily distracted. Or maybe I just like having lots of things on the go at once.

And him? Well he also seems to be on a sewing kick at the moment, loving the freedom of choosing his own colours, using a needle (a big blunt one) and his very own scissors. He seems to go off into his world. I hope it lasts.

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