Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Home is where a nice hot cuppa is

If the kitchen is the heart of a home, then surely tea is the warm blood pumping through it. Anyone who has ever spent more than a few moments with L'Arche Inverness, will know that a cup of tea will not be long in making an appearance. Followed usually by a second. In fact, very little happens without the aid of nice hot cuppa to smooth things along, embodying hospitality, refreshment and community.

But cold tea? Oh yuk. Anyone who knows me even a little, will know that I am dreadful in the morning, slow to wake and reluctant to leave my nice warm nest. My dear husband wisely rouses me by placing a lovely mug of tea by the bed. He knows that I hate cold tea even more than getting up. And so, instead of drifting back to sleep, I can be induced to action (well, movement, let's not go crazy here) by the thought that my tea will get cold if I don't prop myself up and make a little effort.

Just the one cup? Oh I don't think so. A teabag can stretch much further than that. BUT, you don't want the pot to go cold. So, when not out building igloos and so on (snow is still here and it is very cold indeed), I have been snatching some moments to head for the sewing machine. I love making quilts, but you can't stay under them all the time - so next best, a patchwork tea cosy. It makes the transition from bed to breakfast table so much more gentle. And perfect for using up all those scraps.

Oh hot tea, I do love you!

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