Tuesday, 3 February 2009

A Week of Small Things : 7

This is it, the end of the Small Things Week. And today has been FULL of Small Things, so many that I'm ready to go and burrow down on the sofa for the evening with a good book. But that's been the whole point of this week - noting the details, seeing the beauty, in the simple everyday.

Such as the morning bathtimes - those are not my sweet crinkly feet!

I can't pretend to get overly excited about the weekly shop, but I do love visiting my favourite place Highland Wholefoods and seeing what goodies they have on the reduced shelf (as well as buying what I really need!) - oh, I know, it's a bit sad, a very Small Thing but don't you think this boxful has the makings of a good night in? I can't tell you how strong my chocolate willpower has to be in that place!

And I love seeing my boys chilling out at our fabulous local library - it's very small indeed, but we love it and you can indeed lie all over the floor, and there's loads of great books and games and films. And I got very lovely crafty book today for myself. Libraries are underrated, but they can be truly wonderful.

Feeding everyone does take a lot of time, and I'm no Delia. But I think all providers of family meals should step back and pat themselves on the back for coming up with something reasonably yummy and healthy etc everyday.

So, ta daa, for your delectation, Lentil Bolognaise (no rude comments, carnivores) and Baked Bananas - with just a little bit of chocolate. And yes, it did all get eaten up. A Small Moment of maternal triumph.

Obviously the domestic stuff isn't my greatest stength (ahem) but it's been a good week for me to look for beauty everywhere, and not just in the snatched times of creativity. However, there have been one or two of those as well. You'll have to wait and see what the above turns into, you're just getting a wee peek.

Thank you for sharing this week with me. I hope you've also found some lovely corners of your life too.

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