Friday, 16 January 2015

Happy Newish Year! From a land of snow and ice! This has been the first time my feet feel like they have touched down so far this month, with travels to London and France then back into the rush of our usual life. The weather this week has been dramatic - wet, wild, windy, freezing and snowing by turn. However, today gave the gift of time to enjoy the beauty and magic of snowy woods. My resolution is to get into them as often as I can.

Yes, it's been a loooong time since I was in this space, but I notice that many of my favourite bloggers have also had their quiet seasons, so that frees me up to come and go too. And after so much time, what to say? We are still part of L'Arche, enjoying a peaceful and happy time in the Community with a renewed sense of calling. But the professional side also has its demands, lately some studies to be fitted in somewhere, somehow. Personally I'm not very motivated by them, but they need to happen so...deep breath and get stuck in.

Our lovely chaps are growing and J is moving towards High School this year, he's probably more ready than I am! He is getting ready to spead his wings a little, and seems to be responsible when he does. For us, it is harder to know when the time is right but we are thankful for good friends who tread that path ahead of us.

Our younger son is continuing to be the creative, artistic inventor. Years ago, I had a feeling school would cramp his style a little. I'm happy to say that his school is great and his teachers have been really lovely. However, for a while we were noticing that he was losing confidence and interest. We considered a number of options. Home education wasn't possible for a number of reasons - and he does actually enjoy school most of the time. Then we came across 'flexischooling' and this was a lightbulb moment for us. So, we took the decision to try keeping him at home one day a week, to spend time with him on the things he struggled with and to focus on the things he is interested in. He loved it! And I do too, it's been wonderful to spend this time together. And his big brother has been fantastically supportive, not envious in any way.  And it turned out that this was just the right thing to do, as earlier this year he was diagnosed as being on the autistic spectrum. The one day at home just gives him enough breathing space and time to be himself, to manage really well the rest of the week. How long we'll continue, I don't know, but I think that's probably up to him. For now, I'm grateful to have this time together and to enjoy the moments of grace.

Other parts of life sqeeze in here and there too. Still loving being part of our wee church community locally. Godly Play hasn't had the attention I would like to give it, but the stories sit on the shelf and when I pass them, they give me a sense of promise. Advent gave some beautiful moments for revisiting the story. On the crafting front, there were a few projects finished for Christmas, and for now, just a little bit of simple knitting, warm and uncomplicated. That's probably going to be the way ahead for 2015, trying to keep things warm and uncomplicated! And you? How's it going so far this year?