Thursday, 5 February 2009

Almost a Foot

Well! When was the last time you woke to a foot (almost) of snow? Especially if you live on this side of the English Channel/North Sea/Atlantic etc. It almost never happens. I think I was 13 the last time, which obviously wasn't that long ago, really. Anyway, no apologies for loads of photos, we can't get enough of this much snow...

There was no chance of getting to school or work (oh shame!), so we had the sledges loaded up and out we went...

Thank you Peter for the skis - isn't this typical, you go back to Slovakia, land of mountains and snow, and Scotland gets it's best snowfall in 20 years? We also discovered the local winter snow sport (as invented by our neighbours), a sort of Poor Man's Snowboarding - standing while sledging.... I'd like to say that it was fun at the time, but it does hurt quite a lot now!

Remember my stile from last week?

If this is a bad winter, we'll have lots more of it please.

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  1. Hello lovely cousin - I finally have made time to read your blog and you have made me feel very warm and cosy inside. A snowy scene on one of those wonderful clear crisp days is hard to beat as I am glad you have been able to experience in abundance this year! Here in Michigan we have had over a foot of snow on the ground since mid December and we LOVE it.

    lots of love Karen xx