Friday, 20 February 2009

Bring me Sunshine...

It's true, that about this time of the year, the Highlands can be both bleak and a tiny bit tantalising. Last week a foot of snow, then Tuesday a balmy 11 degrees, which led to three hours in the garden - and finding the first crocus - and then today, back to frrreeeezing cold. Retreat back in! And happily, there is spring everywhere indoors just now...

Another bit of spring sunshine today was the discovery of the the blogs of two very local lassies - making seriously impressive art & craft - hats off (briefly, it's a bit chilly) to you both! Check them out here and here. In the meantime, I'm off to the fireside for a bit of knitting...
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  1. Hi there!!!!
    thanx for finding my blog....and for your comment!
    Your photos are really lovely....
    Didn't we all have amazing snow recently?
    See you soon....
    H xx

  2. Ooo how exciting, another blogger and clever sewing lady in the strath!
    Here's to many more days hanging out in the park as the weather improves.