Tuesday, 31 March 2009

40::35 Colour

Living in the Scotland Highlands, is not the most cosmopolitan experience in the world, but from time to time I meet up with a group of Spanish speaking pals (from Latin America, Spain and Scotland) to stop my Spanish from disappearing entirely. One of friends is from Chile and her home is full of beautiful artwork, but I do love the mosaics made by her mother when she comes to visit. She gets the children involved too and many have made their home in the garden, which seems a great way to brighten things up while you are waiting for winter to pass . Colourful and cheery.

All the boys played outdoors in spring sunshine, but the ladies got down to some serious crafting at the kitchen table (of course). What were we up to? Tune in tomorrow for some 1st of April silliness...

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  1. Wow....those mosaics are gorgeous...does your friend sell them anywhere?
    I LOVE the creativity going on in your house...it's fab!