Wednesday, 1 April 2009

40::36 Poisson d'avril!

Well it's April Fools Day, but the French have a lovely variation called 'April Fish' or Poisson d'avril. My Dear Husband remembers making paper fish in primary school and then trying to stick them on people's backs as a joke . Who knows why? And does it matter? I introduced the idea to my Spanish-speaking friends yesterday and we spent a wonderful afternoon making all sorts of fish from paper, card, beadws and fabric - and not just fish, but an amazingly gifted 5 year old artist made a great variety of sea creatures, and did her first ever sewing, which was great to be part of! We explained that you can use the fish to play tricks on people by putting them in funny places. Then we had a great time finding places for them around their house...

Where they made friends...

And swam all over the place....

Although my lads are not really crafty types (yet??) they loved finding them in the breakfast cereal box this morning!

And then after lots of jokes with Papa, kindly took their Poisson d'avril out for the day, climbing trees...

Giving them a share of the picnic..

I do think they had a great day. The boys enjoyed it too.

If you would like to see more fish from France and beyond, or print our your little poisson, go to this site where we have joined in the game. It's all in French, but you'll enjoy the artwork.

A bit of silliness is profoundly spiritual...

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  1. it was fun.....ujhoijeuc

    Andrea and paio, vv.