Monday, 30 March 2009

40::34 Hang Loose

Surely a vital part of growth is time that is unplanned, unscheduled and undemanding. I am SO happy to have my boys home from school/nursery for Easter holidays. It feels like we can break free from our usual routine and just potter. I asked them what things they would like to do, which includes modest requests for train rides and swimming - but also (Oh my heart filled with love!) helping Papa bring in the logs and helping Mummy set the table. So we will do those things, and see friends too, but I picture a lot of time spent with water, sticks and mud.

Watching spring unfurl. Watching birds. Watching a few favourite films.

Nurturing our little seedlings. And breaking the rules a little - who says you can't cook and craft at the same time?

We're taking this gift with both hands!

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