Saturday, 17 January 2009

Feeling Sad

My first proper post takes the form of a goodbye...this weekend we are saying 'au revoir' to Peter, with whom we have shared community for almost 9 years. He's lived in our family home for two of those years, we've worked alongside one another almost the whole time, he has seen our children from birth and played the part of an extra uncle to them. We have burnt the midnight oil many a time together, talking and argueing, joking and praying. He has let himself be the butt of our many jokes and constant teasing. Not least for his truly horrible pasta (Served up with a sauce of jam and chocolate powder). He is always, unfailingly late, usually because he is trying to help someone, to fix something. And yet despite being a dear friend we still don't understand him. He's heading back to Slovakia, why? He tells us that life in Scotland, in L'Arche is so beautiful, so comfortable...and yet...As ever, when things get too comfortable, too easy, Peter always feels the desert calling him. He hears the call to return home, to a place which is not really home any more, to an unknown destination. We deeply respect his courage and his conviction. We know his choice is right. But Peter, we will really, really miss you. But not your pasta.
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