Tuesday, 20 January 2009

New Faces in the Family

One or two introductions today...

At Christmas our family was joined by two new delightful creatures, swiftly christened 'Ticklish' and 'Squeak', seen here reducing Syd and Lilias into a mass of loving tenderness. They came to us from a neighbour, and we saw them at only 1 day old. Baby guinea pigs are possibly the cutest things on the planet! Tha iad snog, nach eil? Annie, they are just waiting for you!

Occasionally other types of creatures pop up in our household:

I love it when there has been something creative done without any kind of parental intervention or encouragement, even if it means death to the Parent Council AGM letter, ahem...Still, it's not a bad excuse for not turning up to certain events...

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