Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Tutorial: Making a Finger Labyrinth

I have long found labyrinths to be fascinating. They can be great fun - especially as you know you can't get lost! A labyrinth can also be a very helpful place for thinking and prayer. My husband made a temporary outdoor one for a large L'Arche gathering some years back. It was used by more than 200 people all at once! Not a quiet meditative experience at all, but it did underline the joyful sense of journey we undertake together in L'Arche. This is a lovely growing labyrinth at The Bield in Perthshire. There are words of Scripture written on clay tiles embedded in the grass at various places. They suggest that you walk the labyrinth with bare feet, then spend some time in the shelter in the centre. At a certain point of my life I found it a very profound way of meeting God, when I didn't have any words I could say.