Tuesday, 28 February 2012


These last few weeks we have been plagued by a number of small ailments - nothing life shattering - but enough to disrupt our usual pattern of life and undo our plans. It's easy to get dragged down such happenings, which weary and annoy, leaving me out of sorts and a bit sorry for myself.   At such times I'm grateful for the kindly kick in the rear end that I get from reading this blog. It pushes me towards an attitude of thankfulness, and oh yes, there is so much in life to be thankful for, especially the ones who point me in the right direction.

T. is a great one for spotting the small things, the tiniest of details - a minute plant pushing it's way up into the early spring light, for taking me around the garden to admire the crocuses, snowdrops and other bulbs emerging. New life, always.

And then, I found a little star perched in the tree in our kitchen 'wilderness'. I guessed he had put it there, and asked him about it, unsure of his reply - I know to expect the unexpected with him! "Well", he said, thoughtfully, "It's because God is with us". Then went back to reading his book. As simple as that.

I wonder, was he thinking of this star, that spent so long in our living room at Christmas? But for whatever reason, I am so thankful for this rather unLenten reminder of the truth that I need to hold onto, no matter what is happening in our daily lives - God is with us.

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  1. Those are the moments where you sigh joyfully and peacefully and think, "God is meeting my child. It's all worth it." I love how God finds ways to be with children and how creative they are in being with him!

  2. I've just discovered your lovely blog and am enjoying it so much! I love the picture of the star, and am touched by the spirit of God in the beautiful child who put it there! Thanks so much for sharing!