Thursday, 8 March 2012

Yesterday it snowed. Snow? After weeks of mild spring-like weather, I'd almost forgotten it was still winter. It didn't last long but it was odd to see spring flowers poking up through an icy blanket. Flowers in winter, an amazing gift. I've been needing those gifts recently with a painful back that has confined me to barracks. However, one of the reasons I started to blog, was to step aside from the grotty bits of life, which so easily become the focus of living. I wanted to put down some markers and remember the small but good things, that make living a joy.

I was woken from a deep, hard-earned sleep this morning by a chatty, horribly awake son - he's a lark and I'm just grumpy at..."What time is it J?" "Oh, ten to seven Mum!". Ten to seven...inwardly I'm complaining while he tells me all about a cartoon he loves. "Mmm" is about as much as I can muster in response. Then in the darkness he slips something on my wrist. A present. It's only when I'm fully awake do I see what he's made, refashioned from a Christmas decoration he made with his Dad. Another amazing gift.

And thank you for chickens! I loved  this  article from the Spring edition of Rhythm of the Home, and yes, chickens are better than telly! Endlessly entertaining, straight out of the Minstry of Silly Walks. They are companionable and sociable, following me whenever I go outside. They have just started laying - although often secretly in a hedge or under a bush, so the daily egg hunt is good physio for me. And the eggs! Tiny little bantam eggs. Another reason to be cheerful.

I'm not feeling up to much cooking, but some super speedy baking? Well maybe..Thanks to vlijtig I found this recipe for Sticky Cinnamon Scrolls. Much like scones, they came together very quickly. We could eat these for dinner, right? I'm thankful for a tolerant family!

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