Monday, 19 March 2012

A Day of Gifts

In the UK we celebrated Mother's Day on Sunday, a bit earlier than the rest of the world, I believe. My lovely boys organised a splendid breakfast in bed, flowers and handmade cards. Lunch and dinner was cooked for me and it was a lovely gentle day.

We're still a bit behind with our Faces of Easter stories, but some things can't hurried...and now that we are getting the hang of finding things to help tell the story, we had a rush of ideas! Our box of nativity figures got raided, not only for Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus, but also for a little pot of  scrolls (Isaiah's prophecies) for the story of Jesus in the temple, Zechariah and Elizabeth got connected to John the Baptist, as well as water and the dove. I like the way Godly Play helps connect Scripture together as a whole, not just the Bible as a collection of separate stories, which I remember being my perception as a child. I'm still making connections!

The rest of the day passed sweetly, watching the boys baby videos - oh so many memories! Enjoying the sun, a wee stroll and observing the signs of spring.

Meanwhile, my youngest dozed the day away, feeling poorly, on the sofa. He moves so much usually, that I can't resist taking pictures of him sleeping. I love those feet...

The day finished with another gift, a beautiful rainbow right in front of our house. Thank you.

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  1. Gift is best way to express our feelings. I like this all pix so much. You share such nice felling with us. Its too good.