Monday, 12 March 2012

Simple Days

 How was your weekend? Ours was pretty quiet, but there was a bit of chicken fun going on....

And a bit of baking - not the cat that got the cream but the boy that got the golden syrup - I'd share the recipe but it's not very Lenten...ahem, call it therapeutic...

A lot of slobbing around reading and a bit of knitting.

 For one reason and another we hadn't been able to share the 'Faces of Easter' stories from Godly Play the last two Sundays, so we caught up at last. And it was worth the wait as we had plenty of time to share the story and wonder about it. We haven't been doing this for very long as a family, but it feels like we are finding out feet and finding God in it all. The boys really responded to finding things in our living room to help tell more of the story. J chose a cross which I brought back from El Salvador years ago and T brought the wilderness.

 My beloved rummaged for a while in his overstuffed desk and brought out a beautiful big dried bean. He is gardener and this was one that came from last summer's crop. He placed it by the picture with baby Jesus. We all wondered a while about the significance of the bean, it's colour (you can't see so well but it is actually a rich purple colour), baby shape and, of course all the elements of growth. Then the boys suggested planting it, which seemed to fit so well.

So this is my mega-simple suggestion for the Lent Link-Up Party. Find some beans or other big seeds that a child can easily handle - sweet pea or nasturtium  come to mind and pop them in a little pot. Follow the packet instructions and keep watered. Hopefully, by Easter you should have some nice green shoots, the perfect picture of resurrection life and transformation.

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  1. Thanks so much! I love reading about what other people have brought to the Faces of Easter stories.