Tuesday, 21 February 2012

A funny old weekend, but a good one. All my plans for celebrating my beloved's birthday went topsy turvy - starting at about 3am when the sound of vomiting came from our youngest's bedroom....sigh! So some things had to be put on hold...but perhaps that was a good thing. We awoke some hours later to snow drifting down. After such a mild winter this was a beautiful and welcome gift. We spent a restful, peaceful day eating his favourite pains au chocolat, lying around by the new stove, luxuriating in the heat. A bit more food, a bit of snow, cake, balloons and a pile of love - he's easily pleased. A gift of a man.

 And Sunday? Sun and snow, an irresistible combination. We headed out for a walk and our worship, thankful for all the beauty that surrounds us.

Oh yes, and a bit of chicken love too...The man and his cockerel...

PS Sorry about the non-appearances of photos for a few days - took me a while to work out why - I'm just not a techie girl. here's hoping!


  1. Les photos ne s'affichent pas... :-/

  2. I can see them now ! Thanks ! :-)... Is this chicken the one your son sent to navigate in a pan on a pond ?
    Not sure my english syntax is OK on this one, but "a chicken in a pan on a pond" sound like a nursery rhyme, and the story is so amusing it deserves it !

    1. The picture shows 'Magali' who turned out to be a boy! The chicken that almost went for a swim was his sister, 'Hen' a beautiful white bird. She is the tamest of our wee flock - she gets taken up into the treehouse, carried around the garden, sent down the slide and put on the swing! We rescued her from her boating expedition however! Hx