Monday, 6 February 2012

Sundays at home

We are at a strange place in our lives - for the first time in years we don't go to church each week. We left a big church in Inverness to be part of a wee church community here in our village. As yet that just meets monthly on Sundays, although we do get together in between times. In the meantime we also wanted to spend more time together as a family, to discover God's path together.

It isn't always straightforward - it feels we left the familiar and known - but we sense it is right for now. We explore and learn and play together. I'm often surprised by how the boys respond - very much as boys (!) - but with glimpses of God too. J has been very faithful in keeping me going through Nehemiah, which I don't think I've read for ages, but has really touched me.

We introduced them to the Godly Play lesson about the circle of the church year. Coming from a  non-liturgical background, I wasn't sure how they would respond, but they were very interested - loving the idea of clock that tells the time in colours - especially red hot Pentecost!

So, it's a bit unconventional, a bit of walking by faith, but it's a good, green, growing season in our lives.

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  1. Hi there, It has been so interesting reading this post. I think our lives have a few parallels. We are also a part of a small community that doesn't meet weekly and I am also telling "How the Church Tells Time" this week to the kids at our gathering. Your pictures are beautiful!