Friday, 24 December 2010

Christmas Eve

Joy to the world! Is Christmas Eve one of the very best days of the year? The start of holidays, a first lazy breakfast followed by visits to neighbours on a crisp, sparkly cold morning. The afternoon spent with last minute secret scurrying around the house and final present wrapping. The boys were in their jammies in record time - so early that they had to change out of them into Christmas jammies later - with their room tidied impressively well for tonight's special visitor, carrot, drinks and cards all laid out in readiness and hopeful expectation! I finally started the cooking - not terribly organised this year, but I impressed the family enormously with a hazlenut meringue roulade - hoping it will taste as scrummy as it looks! Then just my husband and I headed out alone in the star filled evening to a simple but so beautiful Christmas Eucharist. The candles were lit in the tiny church and I felt my heart fill up with the warmth of God with Us, Emmanuel, as we celebrated his birth.

A happy, happy Christmas to you.
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