Monday, 13 December 2010

Avent 3

Sorry for the terrible photo, but there wasn't much light indoors this afternoon, anyway, here they 'Advent 3' - otherwise known as 'Almost finished', 'Not much longer' and 'Help, not yet begun!'. Three Christmas hats for my three chaps. Now there are many elements to Christmas that are a touch stressful...this year I just haven't been able to settle down to card writing and I'll do almost anything humanly possibly to avoid the shops! But I must say that hat knitting, on the whole, is a remarkably peaceful activity, and by carrying them around I can get a wee bit done here and there. And the wools are rather lovely, so I feel happy every time I pick them up. L-R we have Noro Kureyon, Rowan Pure Wool Aran and Manos Wool Clasica. So who knows, perhaps I'll get them done? At least the door is decorated and I had some time for a blissful frosty walk out in the hill today.

Christmas is coming, but not yet...not just yet.
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  1. Lovely yarns! Your door looks great too!

  2. Double-pointed needles?! You'll be there until NEXT Christmas trying to finish them off! Get yourself a lovely circular needle, and you'll never look back (plus you can just knit all rows, and it comes out stocking stitch - not saying you're as lazy as me!)

    Have a wonderful Christmas, and a lovely Hogmanay. I've so enjoyed the peak into your lovely Highland life - much love to you and the family, Amy xx