Monday, 6 December 2010

Advent 2

Another tradition that has started edging its way into our celebration of Advent is the story of St. Nicholas, which I hope may start to gently nudge Santa/Father Christmas away from centre stage. Not that he ever has, but it is difficult when he appears plastered everywhere. Reading up on the stories of Christmas, the idea of Father Christmas comes very much from the historical figure of Nicholas, a third century man of extraordinary kindness, who used his entire inheritance to show compassion for other people in need, showing them God's love in practical caring ways. St Nick is about generosity, not consumption, and if ever we needed that spirit of living, then surely it is now.

My wee Christmas 'gnomes' get called Nicholas and pop up in surprising places around the house, with their pockets carrying a small treat. Hopefully we can share some of his kindness too. Happy St. Nicholas Day!

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