Friday, 17 April 2009

Happy Easter!

A Very Happy Easter to you! This comes somewhat belatedly, as rather symbolically, our computer decided to die on Good Friday, only to resurrect briefly, give us a few moments of hope, before decisively ascending to glory..well, I wish. And had I backed up all my work onto a USB thingy or some such sensible device? No, of course not...However, thanks to a beloved husband, advice of friends and one spanking new graphics card, we're back online!
Well, it was not all bad. Over our Easter holiday week we've welcomed friends to stay, basked in glorious spring sunshine and eaten vast quantities of chocolate, slightly offset by a few wee rambles here and there.

And although I was slightly miffed to have the last 5 minutes of Dr. Who cut off on the iPlayer, the lack of computer has meant time for lots of crafting, which is just as well, as it is almost someone's birthday...

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