Thursday, 9 April 2009

Maundy Thursday with L'Arche

Today we met with the L'Arche Community for one of the most significant days of our year. We meet in the hall of a church in Inverness for a Passover meal of lamb, flat bread and 'bitter' herbs, to remember the last meal shared by Jesus and his disciples. We have readings and tell the story in a Jewish style, and then eat together in a (fairly!) quiet reflective way.

Afterwards we wash one another's feet. It's a very vulnerable thing revealing our winter-ugly feet to one another! But it is a sign of our openess to each other and our care for one another. Sometimes we get the giggles, sometimes it's a bit awkward, but usually it is profoundly touching and there is often a few tears...after our feet have been washed, we place our hands on the head of the person and thank them, maybe offering a prayer or blessing too.

Although the children have been before, this year they were old enough to participate and understand a little more. It was beautiful to see them take their place in the community.

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