Monday, 14 May 2012

Just a quick update, here is the almost-end of our Eastertide garden, rejigged again for Ascension. It's not the greatest of pictures and I see the kitchen table is covered in lego, but hey, that's the stuff of our lives! The star that T put in the bare branch at the start of Lent 'because God is with us' has hung on, and seems all the more relevant for celebrating the mystery of Ascension - that 'Jesus went away so He could be with us always'

And also a link to a post about Godly Play in L'Arche - not written by me but I am there... Here  is a felted picture made by me and two of our Community core members. We made it as a focal point, as we don't have a lot of GP materials, and it helps to lend a sense of belonging if we sometimes make things together. Additionally it was a very therapeutic and meaningful activity for the three of us. Wet felting is a great way to work out frustrations! Do I have any? Hmm, oh just occasionally!

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  1. The wet felting is just beautiful! (You need to do a tutorial on that!) And I love how the Easter Garden is being transformed for Ascension. The amount of creativity in this post makes my head spin.:)