Sunday, 1 November 2009

Work in Hand

It has been a hive of activity around here recently. It has been half term holidays - the 'Tattie Holidays' - from the days when all the local children were gainfully employed in digging up potatoes in surrounding farms; it may have been child labour, but there seems to be a lot of good memories of those times. Well, no potatoes for us. But plenty of gardening - lots of digging for me! And catching up with friends, including a very creative family. Here is a fantastic designer in the making. Mum provided the fabric, but she came with all the most definite ideas, starting with the drawing (below) and finishing with the teddy above. The two mothers were just the work force really...
Well, all that rubbed off on the boys who have made some beautiful tea light holders, which we are enjoying on the dinner table now.

And me? Well, just a sneak preview, but every evening I'm running up some ridiculous looking baby robins and other odd looking creatures, in the hope I might sell some next week at a little pre-Christmas (oh, sorry, that word. It just slipped out. I do apologise.) shopping evening to raise funds for my son's Gaelic choir. If they don't sell, well, friends and family, you know what to expect!

Happy November! May it be a cosy one for you...
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  1. the robins are very sweet - I'm sure you will sell them!