Sunday, 8 November 2009

Sales and Stories

I love making things and I always have done, ever since I was quite tiny. And every now and then, someone will ask me if I have thought about selling what I make. Of course I have, but I just don't know...maybe because so much of what I make is just for the people I love, or for my home, things we need as well. Or maybe it is my slightly chaotic side that probably couldn't produce things in large batches without going a bit loopy, never mind having some sort of business sense. And there are those lurking doubts. Am I good enough? Will people really pay for things that take ages to make, when they could nip down to the shops and get something terribly cheap that was made in China? Still unanswered questions...However, I did finally stick a toe in the water and made up a batch of wee bits and bobs, robins, gnomes, bags and bunting to sell at a little stall that I mentioned in my last posting.

This was it! And you know, I think people did like them. And I even sold a fair bit too, which is terribly handy at this time of the year. So, I'm feeling quietly pleased with myself. The price to pay?

and um...

I think there'll be a fair amount of tidying up going on this week. Not just in my studio either! So, for my sweet cousin who said my life looks like a story - here's the non-fiction!

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  1. Well done on making all that stuff - and selling some too!

  2. You should totally be selling some of the gorgeous things that you make. People love to have things that are made with flair, love and patience - and there are plenty of us out here whose craft skills are so limited that we want YOUR flair, love and patience! I say, Etsy.

    (p.s. the after picture reminds me of a certain teenager's bedroom in Brownliegh many years ago!)

    Amy x