Friday, 20 November 2009

Colour and Light

Here we are, the finished results...the weather has been a bit grim, but it was nice to grab a little bit of early morning sun to take these pictures. I would love you to be able to have a wee feel of the bags, tweed has such a lovely texture, and its beauty lies in all the different colours that you only really see close up.

Talking of touching, today we have been involved with our church checking Christmas shoeboxes. They are full of thoughtful and useful items that will be driven to Eastern Europe tomorrow, and distributed to the very poorest families. The boxes are sent with everyday things like soap and toothbrushes, hats and gloves, as well as pencils, toys and sweets. It is sobering to think that such things are still needed so badly by people living in Europe. However, it was cheering to see many boxes full of hand knitted hats, gloves, scarves and gorgeous baby jumpers. On my table we had many boxes that had come from the Orkney Islands, and so much care and skill had gone into the making of these little clothes. My boys had a wonderful time too, acting as runners for everyone, and being fed copious quantities of homebaking! It is an annual event and each year it has become more meaningful for the two of them. For me, it feels like a good way to start moving towards Christmas, in a spirit of giving and working together, rather than being dragged into the frenzy that it so easily becomes. What is bringing you a little bit of colour and light?
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