Thursday, 10 September 2009

I always love to connect what is going on outside in nature with what we have in our home, even if it's just a pine cone we found on a walk, or a rock one of the boys has given me (I have a small bowl of such treasures adorning on our kitchen table).

Right now, there are a lot of yellows catching my eye, from bright Rudbeckias in the gardens, to ochre mushrooms in the woods, and even a few yellowing leaves on the silver birch. So, I must have had that in mind when I was making a little present for a local birthday girl. She is already (at age seven) the collector of aprons and the giver of the most elegant of teaparties. There's not a lot of girlieness going on in our household, so it was nice to have a chance to let rip and make another apron to add to her collection.

I used a bit of white linen from a old French sheet that I've been gradually cutting into, plus some Rudbeckia yellow gingham, a few patchwork scraps leftover from the boys' baby quilt, some ric-rac, and a fabric and button flower to decorate the waistband.

It was the first apron I've ever made, but it was easy-peasy and fun to do. Might even make myself one next. Although I have to say, I'd never be able to wear it with the elegance and glamour of this particular party girl!

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