Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Feathering the Nest

The early autumnal weather has made us aware that the season is changing quickly, and soon our light evenings will be gone, our energy with it, and we'll be spending our evenings close to the fire, in semi hibernation. So, a flurry of minor home improvements have been going on, hence the lack of recent postings. It has taken me a year of living in our house to finally decide on the perfect colour for the living room (paint samples, anyone?). It was white, which is fine, but not very cosy and not always soothing either.
So, two days solid of painting, plus the kindly offer of boy-amusing from my neighbour, and the room is now a deeply restful shade of grey. No, not cosy perhaps, but not cold either, and it's given me the chance to rearrange our pictures and treasured things. Everyone has their corner, my husband has the desk, I get the rocking chair and the boys have their table too. Of course, we all fight over the sofa!

It's blowing a gale outside tonight and I fear for the flowers - will they all be flat or even gone by the morning? But while I can, I'm bringing lots of them indoors. These ones are in a sweet little wall pot made by Dorinda Johnson.

Do you feel the same? Do you get a sudden burst of 'nesting' in early autumn? Seems to happen to me every year, along with the brief urge to clean in early spring. I think I'd make a good bear, busy all summer and then sleeping all winter. But! If it would stop raining and howling outside, I think I'm ready to welcome autumn.
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