Sunday, 19 July 2009

Summer Pattern of Life

I don't really do structure, especially in school holidays, but Monsieur Featherglen and I realised that there some things we wanted to try and focus on a bit over the summer, so we've sort of evolved a little pattern for each day (well, most days anyway).

My boys are are only just getting into drawing and writing, and need a gentle nudge to pick up a paintbrush or pen, so we've been trying to encourage them to do that. It helps to have a good reason, such as making and writing birthday thank you cards - we helped out by scanning a nice drawing into the computer and printing it on paper which was glued onto coloured card.

Another thing we've been a bit more focused on is their French. It was much stronger when they were younger. Now English has become dominant, and as they both get Gaelic at school/nursery that has also become more prominent. So, over the summer we are trying to speak as much French as possible in our home, encourage them to respond in French and play lots of little games. My aim is to try and sew or draw each day - so preparing things for our games has helped me too! I had hoped to look at my Gaelic a bit each day too, but that seems to have fallen by the way a bit. Oh well, can't do everything!

And it's very important to have plenty of time just to enjoy summer days...
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  1. How wonderful to speak more than one language.
    Enjoy your summer.