Wednesday, 15 July 2009

And the winner is....

I can't recommend highly enough having a Postcard Competition! Usually our Postie, nice man that he is, brings nothing but ominous brown envelopes, not designed to cheer up a day. But YOU out there, well! You sent me all sorts of wonderful postcards. They came from North America (Canada and the US), Africa, Australia and Europe! Dolores card arrived first, Johanna's from Victoria Falls, Zambia, made me laugh the most (a baboon stole her lunch! Love that word 'baboon' by the way!) and Becky's from a wintry day in Australia arrived on an unusually sweltering morning here. But the winner was.....Erin from the US! When this arrived, I almost fell off my perch - isn't this the most beautiful thing to arrive (with no envelope) through the post? I imagine postal workers from one end of the world to the other saying "Wow!" when they saw it. And it arrived in an immaculate state too, so it was probably handled with care.

She even wrote on the back of it too! So a bag of goodies will be heading off on their summer holidays to you very soon. Thank you!

But some special mentions have to go to Grace for this fabbydoo mushroom print - and mushroom poetry to go with it. And see her blog for Meatless Monday recipes - more mushrooms, I'm guessing! I want to make her tostada recipe already.

And also a drum roll to Sfer for this with the words "Sometimes life seems nothing but scraps...think of what you're missing if you throw them away." A lovely card, scrapped and glued together, a real recycling special. Muchas gracias!

So ladies all, I will be sending you a wee card back very soon. Thank you so very, very much for participating and I will keep visiting your blogs too.

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  1. I really enjoyed making the mushroom card and finding a great poem for the back, which if anyone is curious, was Mushrooms by Sylvia Plath. A wonderful poem - google it, you'll like it.

    Look forward to a return card. And I have sure enjoyed your blog.

  2. Those are some really lovely postcards. I bet the boys were thrilled to bits.

  3. Wow... Erin's card surely deserves the winning prize... Amazingly beautiful!!

    It was fun participating. Plus I got to experience what gluing with fabric looked like (first time I tried!) :-)

    Have a happy summer!!

  4. Hi! Got my return postcard - thanks! Cool card.