Wednesday, 4 July 2012



This is just a wee post to pop my head up and say 'hello!' - our last month has been overfull and a few things just have had to be dropped - poor old blog - it's you again. The days have been packed with birthday celebrations, Jubilee parties, family reunions, work on our house - new flooring at last - hurray! There has also been lots and lots of storytelling, and baby steps towards a new Godly Play Circle in Inverness. Finally the school holidays have arrived - and my own, so high on my catch up list is Featherglen...emerging from its' cocoon. 

My youngest son is an avid observer of wild life. Our house and garden is full of jars - which we try to get emptied out each day - of his catches. A month or so back he found a huge furry caterpillar, a real beast of thing, which we managed to feed until it built its cocoon. And then we waited...and looked dead...very dead. But  what did we know? Suddenly, there it was, a strikingly patterned and utterly beautiful Garden Tiger, Arctia caja. They are a bit unusual, so we spent time enjoying its' unfolding before releasing it - in the hope of more to come. 

I'm grateful that my son draws my attention to things so small. So very small, but with its' own story to tell, one that touched me deeply.

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  1. I've been wondering where you were and missed your posts! Please tell your little boy that we love his drawing!