Sunday, 23 May 2010

Chaise Ecossaise

A neighbour gave me this old chair a while ago, and although it had a newish cover it didn't really go in our house. I'd been drooling over some beautiful tartan to re-cover it with, but it was going to cost a small fortune. Hmm. Then I realised I had lots of tartan at home. many small pieces. And many different colours. Hmm.

Eventually a plan hatched itself for a tartan patchwork, with a few bits of tweed, felted jumpers and other oddments thrown in to the mix. Just for good measure.

Well, it took a while, Christmas happened, birthdays and a few other celebrations had to be attended to. Then the sewing machine decided it wasn't going to play nicely anymore and we had a few arguments about that. A huffy silence for a couple of weeks. Then we managed to get back together and sort out our problems. And finally, fifty three million staples and 100 upholstery nails later, here we are. Cheery and oh so comfy. I love it. However, the boys did think I was straying from the plot when I dragged it out into the garden...possibly, possibly.

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  1. So fun! I love the patchwork plaid. :)

  2. Oh, it is outrageously fab!

    I especially love the 'surprise robin' on the back ^_^

    (I inadvertently left an 'anonymous' comment on your previous post re: your son's birthday. Sorry about that :-)

  3. gloriously quirky - I love it