Sunday, 25 April 2010


Last week, my youngest turned five. Five. I am still slightly in shock about it. When did that happen? Despite all my pleading for him not to grow, he has. And it seems there is little I can do about that. However, a birthday is good time to stop and wonder at the marvellous person who is being celebrated. My boy is a highly unique individual. How to describe him? 

He is very small (perhaps he has been listening to me after all!) and most people are surprised that he is actually turning five. But he revels in his smallness, loves it and makes a game out of it all the time. He is often hidden in tiny places, and will squeak quietly, informing me "I am a baby mouse/frog/lizard/etc, you can't see me". he will stay hidden for quite some time, before making a mad and sneaky dash to grab a banana or other tasty snack within his reach. Often a hand will quickly appear from under the kitchen table to skillfully nab a biscuit...

He is extremely curious about things, especially nature. He recently brought me his friend's welly boot, full of water, frog spawn and a large live frog! So I should also add, he is very, very messy! So he relished a 'volcano' at his birthday - very satisfying activity, I must say, for all concerned!

His love of chocolate knows no bounds.

He can happily play for hours on his own, pottering around the garden, building large and elaborate train sets, or engrossed in books. But he adores his brother, leaping on and wrestling with him, with perhaps rather a little too much exuberance. But although, at times, they fall out (daily, probably) he is so funny and irrepressible that his big brother can only roll his eyes, tap his head and say with love, "He's crazy". And truly he is. He knows no fear. Small he may be, but he makes up for it with his dynamic, offbeat personality.

So, here's to five, and all the many, many adventures it will bring us all. Our boy-mouse-dragon has wheels, an accomplice or two, an empty jar, ponds and woods to explore. We can't help but love him deeply.

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  1. What a beautiful homage to your younger son.

  2. Happy Birthday Theo! Wishing you all the fun you can possibly have at the wonderful age of five Xxx