Friday, 1 January 2010

Bon Année! Happy New Year!

Happily for me, the French don't send Christmas cards, but instead send greetings for a 'Bon Année', so this naturally falls into my husband's department, at some vague point in the New Year. Here is his drawing (right click on it to see it larger) for this year's card - very apt, as we have spent the Hogmanay celebrations totally and contentedly snowed in. In fact, it snowed non-stop for all of New Year's Eve, and we have over half a metre of white lovelieness everywhere. Heaven sent? Well, it depends on your persepctive, but we love it. We have plenty of firewood, food, bread just baked, a few odds and ends of festive bottles to finish, and nowhere pressing to go. Might as well cosy up and enjoy it. Knitting a little, watching a bit, munching now and's a good start to the year!

Happy New Year to you!

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