Tuesday, 22 December 2009


Somewhere in the fantasy department of my mind I had thought I might manage to post every day during Advent...ahem, things seem to have gone a little astray and the reality has been the usual whirlwind of creative activities, baking, decorating and trying to keep up with an exploding calendar - whilst all the time telling myself to try to simplify, let go and move away from all that has little to do with my personal vision of Christmas! Phew! But our family have arrived, most of the essentials are done(ish), the snow has fallen deeply and beautifully and we are starting to feel that Christmas is really on its way...aided by a nice wee glass of port...

Mince pies have been made in vast quantities, with plenty of small helping hands...

A few little gnomes have been sent off on their voyages...

The house looks and smells Christmassy, with many more homemade decorations, from big and small hands, added this year...

Did you know Santa speaks Gaelic? And travels on a steam train? How perfect is that?

We have heard the Christmas story retold, in a sweet and creative number of ways, with my boys being a thoughtful and serious Joseph, and a somewhat wayward but terribly cute sheep.

The run up to Christmas is a terrible time to decide to make a quilt, but sometimes the beautiful ideas that inspire me on other people's blogs - I'll share in the New Year, as I'm starting to wilt at this late hour - just have to be followed up, even when a trillion other things are calling. The result has made me very happy, so I'm glad I went for it. I want to make a really big one now!

And snow! Gorgeous, deep, dramatic snow, that has caused the schools to shut (oh blessed relief!) and has created all kinds of chaos, but is such a wonderful gift, imposing a certain stillness on us all, just as we needed it.

May you have a warm, joyful and peaceful Christmas! With much love from Featherglen!

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  1. I don't think Theo was the only wayward sheep! They both did well though....if you've got any good pics that include Peter I'd love it if you could email them to me....thanks Hilary.

  2. Ooh! I love those boots in the last picture! What brand are they?
    Hope you have a Merry Christmas - it certainly looks nice with all the snow!