Monday, 22 June 2009

Catching Up

Well, hello, hello, I'm back! Two weeks of no Internet connection - which also means no radio or telly either - made me realise how sadly dependant I am on my computer. However, I did get on with lots of other things and my beloved was away for 10 days which meant I didn't have much time or energy anyway. So it's time for a wee catch up!

For my birthday, I had some friends around for a lovely evening of eating crepes and doing a bit of sewing. Look at these fabbydoo cakes! A friend made them using squished raspberries to make the icing that gorgeous pink colour. They tasted really fruity too, totally yummy. I'm drooling again..

We almost didn't get any sewing done, as we were too busy eating and blethering. And in the middle of the evening there was a great big storm which knocked out the phone line and the electricity a couple of times. It was a dramatic night, but in the end we didn't have to stitch by hand in candlelight! We made a number of blocks for a quilt that I hope will be finished for a cheery summery kind of a quilt. Maybe this summer, maybe next summer.

But it was a wonderful evening and it was great that some of my lovely friends were game for trying something new. Thank you!
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