Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Work in Progress

Every two weeks or so I go to this amazing craft group in Inverness, which provides a brilliant creche for tiny ones and the opportunity for people, mainly mums, to get together, make stuff, see some lovely people and get a cuppa with a slice of homemade cake! Could it be any better? And it's wonderful because I have learnt so much, had help with my novice knitting, started painting with acrylics, and got into doing mosaic. Sometimes I just take whatever I'm working on at home, other times I go and try out whatever I'm in the mood for. And today was definitely a mosaic day.
I have a plan to make some to cheer up the garden in the non-flowering times of the year..we'll see how far I get, but here's the start. And the weather was so nice later that I was able to carry on outdoors while the boys paddled and played alongside.
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