Thursday, 21 May 2009

Branching Out

There's always a number of creative projects on the go here at Featherglen, but the one that is particularly attracting the boys attention is an ambitious extension of their treehouse.

I hasten to add, this is not really my department. This is definitely the territory of my beloved. I can draw up ideas, but he is the poor soul who has to make them work, and who understands what it takes to build something that won't fall down.

So, every spare evening, he is out there sawing and chipping away at big piles of wood. Thank heavens for the unexpected arrival of a Canadian pal at the weekend (because, obviously, all Canadians are lumberjacks). That got the ladder done.

Our neighbour is nearing the end of a big building project and has donated a big pile of tree-house construction goodies to the cause. Probably because her children will be spending an awful lot of time up there too...

I climbed up to have a good look ( and no, the ladder did not break, thank you very much) at how things were coming along. Here is the view from on high...I wonder if there might be room for a deckchair up there...

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