Friday, 5 April 2013

Easter Club Week Six

Happy Easter! Last weekend was so full of celebration that we needed a day or two to recover! Now is the school holidays so between time with the family I am slowly catching up. Our final Easter Club was on Easter Saturday, not quite the end of Lent, but I wanted us to enjoy the celebration of Easter together, so it had a festive feel.

I told a Godly Play story about real Easter Eggs, using the psanky that I had made. I also made lots of flat egg shapes with many of the traditional Ukranian designs, colours and their meanings. The children each designed their own, on paper, then on flat wooden egg shapes. They worked so hard! They finished them with ribbons to hang as Easter decorations. 

I had also found these lovely card baskets to make. They were perfect for their eggs and some Easter candles.

And the sun shone! So we were able to head out to the garden to hunt for chocolate eggs - an essential way to finish! It was a lovely end to a lovely few weeks. I shall be happy to have my Saturday morning lie-in again, but the children have asked to get together for a Pentecost Club...of course! But I'm not quite sure what you do at one of those...I'll have to have a think about it. 


  1. I've never done the Easter Egg story. How did the children respond to it? I love your idea with the paper pysanky as Easter Tree decorations! So fun that they want to meet for Pentecost Club! Hope you give it a go! You all could bake a birthday cake for the church.: )

  2. Hi Sheila, The children did seem to enjoy it, and as it was the end of term and they were quite tired, it was quite a gentle story to use. I was a bit shy of using it - as it is not a true story, but they did seem to like the idea of 'real' Easter eggs, and they were keen to look at my book of psanky eggs and see for themselves the different designs and their meanings. So we had eggs with fish, butterflies, crosses, never-ending patterns..and also a dragon from my son (his favourite animal!). For me the story is certainly a folk story and to be told as such but such a nice way to bring together faith and art. Yes, there will certainly be a Pentecost birthday cake - I will comission one from one of the girls who is a champion cake maker already! Red icing I think! Hx

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