Thursday, 30 September 2010

A Day Out

Before I went back to work I had a couple of days when the boys were at school. It was a bit strange to have this time to myself...and rather nice. After a brief discussion with myself (yes, yes, it's the road to madness) I swiftly threw off any ideas about clearing out cupboards, sorting through papers, blah, blah, and decided to head out instead. I went to visit Scotland's Housing Expo, a local development of 52 sustainable homes.  The sun shone, I kept bumping into friends and it was a really interesting day. We went to something similar in Sweden some years back and it was great to see the Scandinavian influence in the Highlands. Having said that, some of the architecture was a bit too modern for me - and a bit bonkers too. Who would want to live in a home where the kitchen was downstairs and the dining room a rather long haul upstairs? Not designed by a cook, I suspect...
However, one of my favourites was the ANTA house , a tiny but very cosy home. I love their pottery and fabric, but it's horribly expensive. Still, very inspiring, nonetheless. Check out that wash hand basin!

There were quite a lot of lovely crafts on display too. Here's a couple of my those owls!

Beats clearing out any day...

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