Thursday, 24 June 2010

A Favourite Corner

 Around about this time of year we start to make a few trips around Scotland. It's such a gloriously lush time and our feet get itchy. One place we love going to is Ullapool, on the north-west coast of Scotland. It's only an hour and half from where we live, but it's just far enough away to feel like a decent adventure. Over the years a few things have become dear to our hearts, not least the fantastic Ceilidh Place (do visit the link - really sweet) which does fabulous food - some of the best vegetarian food I've ever eaten. This time round I had an open sandwich, which doesn't sound especially exciting, but thick homemade bread topped with slabs of gooey goat's cheese, dripping with aromatic pesto and loads of local salad...oh I can taste it still! Even better was sitting outside in the glorious sunshine, which I should say is not always possible in this part of the world...bliss. Not only great food but wonderful books for sale in a teeny-tiny bookshop, and some great art exhibited to boot.

After all, that glorious food, Ullapool is a great place to pootle around. For the boys the beach, any incoming Hebridean ferries and the fishing boats are of most interest.  And of course we go home with buckets of their treasures - which may explain a distinctly fishy smell coming from just outside the backdoor...

 I love all of that too, but I am always pleased to have a chance to visit a beautiful little wool shop, which sells all sorts of goodies that I'm unable to get in Inverness. I came home with the makings of a wee project to take on a holiday with me this year.

And we are off again on another adventure this weekend, to the new Solas festival (a Scottish relation of the wonderful Greenbelt)  on the Borders, to represent L'Arche and hear our pal Andy Howie sing. Happy days.

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  1. I concur...
    Ullapool rocks!
    (Have never been to the Ceilidh Place though. Must recify that...)