Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Hoo Hoo!

You can tell that if I'm not blogging, then I'm probably busy living. Sometimes living is a mad unfocused round of the daily stuff, sometimes it means I'm taking a little time to smell the roses. As it were. Did I mention it has snowed around here? Actually, this has been the wildest winter in 30 years. I haven't seen my grass since the 18th December. Two and half months! Some days it is tiresome, worrisome and a touch chilly. Other days, the sun comes out, it all sparkles gloriously, and we head outside for snacks or a cuppa on the door step. I have even tried cross-country skiing, which is the first time in years (surely not?!). I still fell over a fair bit, but this time round, although it hurt more, I discovered that I no longer care about looking stupid, which has to be a Good Thing.

But all this snow has had me longing for a little green. So it has been a great pleasure working on a recent commission, which has had me raiding the most colourful of my scraps. I was asked to do an owl bag, which is a new thing for me. We do have a lot of owls around here. On a still night you can here them calling out. My youngest used to call them 'Hoo hoos'.

So, here it is, the Hoo Hoo Bag.

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