Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Celebrating Ourselves

A quick hello! We're finally back from holidays, and had a marvellous, mad time wandering the breadth and width of the British Isles, begging hospitality from kindly friends. We have plunged straight back into school and work, and a garden gone completely bonkers, so I haven't had a pause to take a good look at the many photos of our travels. But I will! So, just for today, a picture taken of the two of us - which is kind of a rare thing, as I'm usually behind the lens.

Our first stop was on the island of Tiree, a wonderful wee place off the west coast of Scotland, where I used to live, a long time ago. You may be able to tell that it is a slighty windy place! We went to see old friends, but also to renew our wedding vows, on our 10th anniversary. It was a very simple, but really lovely moment during a Sunday morning service in the tiny Baptist church, with the same minister who married us. When we married we had no money at all, and my beloved engraved a little silver ring for me, for our engagement. To mark this anniversary, he made and engraved a white gold ring with a celtic seal swimming around it. It's really beautiful and I'm even more happy to be married to him, ten years on.
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  1. it was a very special service - I felt privileged (and astonished!) to be at it. It was lovely to meet you even so briefly - I have been lurking here since your lovely Lent series - I thought I'd found you through Red 2 White but she doesn't have a link to you so it must have been through Caroline Inckle.